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Bare Necessities Body Care knows there are difficult decisions when trying to decide which service will best suit your needs. We believe it’s important to be informed with what we can offer you. Here we have provided answers to our most frequently asked questions to assist you. If you require any additional information, feel free to give us a call; we’re always happy to hear from our customers, whether existing or potential.




How long does my hair need to be in order to get sugared?
You need at least two weeks worth of hair growth for sugaring to be effective. For most people, this about 1/8-1/4 of an inch in hair growth.

How often do I need to make a sugaring appointment?
Four to six weeks is the average time to return for sugaring. Everyone is different, so it may depend on your own hair growth.

What are the differences beetween sugaring and waxing?
  1. Wax is heated to a high temperature and sugar is heated to room temperature. This means that sugar will not burn or damage your skin like hot wax will.
  2. Body sugar is all natural-made from sugar, lemon, and water. It contains no chemicals, additives, or resins.
  3. Sugar sticks to the hair, not the skin, This means that a particular area can be gone over more than once.
Is sugaring sanitary?
Yes, since there is such a high concentration of sugar, bacteria cannot breed in the jar. In addition, sugaring is environmentally friendly because it is made from all natural ingredients, and it does not require strips or sticks.We use the hand method, which is a highly trained technique that takes time to learn and perfect.

Is sugaring effective?
Yes, repeating treatment leads to permanency. Hair will grow back softer and finer with each treatment.
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